Picture Day with LifeTouch

 - October 29, October 30, November1


P.S. 8's Halloween Parade

- October 30

Scholastic Book Fair

 - During Parent/Teacher Conferences on November 15

September Attendance 2018

Let's celebrate! The following classes had the BEST ATTENDANCE in September:

Kindergarten: Class K-403 Ms. Castore
First Grade: Class 1-101 Ms. Jaquez
Second Grade: Class 2-124 Ms. Betances
Third Grade: Class 3-201 Mr. Bruno
Fourth Grade:Class 4-227 Ms. Califano
Fifth Grade: Class 5-301 Ms. Gotkin 

Monthly Newsletter


October's Character Pillar "Being Responsible"

During October, the children take on the concept of "Being Responsible." Taking responsibility is a way to show we are people of character. It means doing our part, controlling our thoughts and actions, and doing our best. When we are acting responsibly we take the blame when it is due and do not claim credit for other people’s work. We accept responsibility for our decisions.

Being responsible means we:

  • Think before we act.
  • Think about how our actions affect others.
  • Think before we speak.
  • Are accountable; taking responsibility for the results of what we do and don’t do.
  • Fix our mistakes.
  • Keep trying. Stick to duties even when they are difficult.
  • Are reliable and always do our job.
  • Clean up our own messes.
  • Show perseverance by demonstrating a commitment to finish what we start.

This Week's Bulletin Board Spotlight

Our brains are growing faster than our plants!

Ms. McCarthy's class of Kindergarteners had a wonderful time exploring gardens! After exploring

nonfiction books about gardens, the students studied different types of gardens and what they offer. Using images and texts, the children developed their green thumbs by becoming garden experts and planting their own flower seeds! A variety of their planning and writing work is on display on this board. This beautiful and flowery board can be found outside class 407 in the Minischool.